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Noodlehead - Lawn & Garden Sprinkler

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The Noodlehead is a clever, new lawn & garden sprinkler that allows the user to control and customize the watering coverage to any shaped pattern imaginable! This amazing sprinkler gets its name from the twelve flexible, re-bendable "noodles" on top of the unit that stay bent under water pressure, no matter where you point them. The award-winning, patented design allows total customization of any watering pattern. Winner of the prestigious "Best New Product of the Year" (at the International Hardware Show) the versatile Noodlehead can be attached to any garden hose or will screw directly on to an in-ground sprinkler system's ½" threaded riser.

  • Side inlet attaches to any standard garden hose. Bottom inlet attaches to any standard 1/2"pipe thread riser from an in-ground system or our Extend-a-Riser optional accessory. (Each Noodlehead comes complete with two different sized plugs to plug off one inlet or the other.)
  • Each Noodlehead comes with a Spike, which allows it to be securely inserted into the ground providing further stability.
  • Twelve flexible "noodles" provide 36 streams of spraying power. (There are 3 orifices in each of the 12 Nozzles.) The flexible tubes contain fully annealed, ductile, stainless steel wires within that allow the end-user the ability to re-bend them at will, hundreds of times to keep pace with their growing gardens throughout the gardening seasons.
  • Three holes in the housing allow the user to mount or attach the Noodlehead to a fence, post, wall, eave or overhang.
  • Each unit comes complete with two high-quality, fine-mesh stainless steel filter washers to further prevent debris from entering the system.
  • Conserves precious water. This environmentally "green" product conserves water by not spraying streets, sidewalks or people; plus, no more water-spotted cars! Now there is no need to waste water by sprinkling beyond your garden's boundaries.
  • Saves money by not having wasted water running down the driveway. You control the amount, the distance and the direction.
  • Saves time. For instance, one Noodlehead can easily replace a half dozen pop-up sprinklers. Installation time: Noodlehead = 5 minutes vs. a half dozen pop-ups = 6 hours.
  • Creates perfect watering coverage patterns. No more wilted flowers or stunted vegetables. No more brown spots in your lawn. Simply point more noodles at them! No more over-watering or under-watering! It is also very therapeutic. After you have pointed the water to go exactly where you want it to, there is the satisfaction of accomplishing a job well done!

Powerful enough to water 400 square feet of lawn, but gentile enough to water smaller delicate herb or flower gardens.

Usage & Examples
Set the Noodlehead to water any pattern you can imagine!
40' Strip Whole Lawn Irregular Shape
Overhead Attach to Fence Garden
Sidewalk Edges Point two or more Noodle head @ Single Plant Install one Noodle at each corner pointing inwards


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